Tuesday, December 11, 2007

what's with the rain?

so i have a new mountain bike, along with my other cool bikes. but they get to stay in the basement because st.louis suddenly resembles seattle or london or some other rainy place.

if this is the effects of climate change, i don't want any part of it.

i guess it wouldn't be so bad if the sun shone a little between bouts of rain/ice/sleet/snow/fog. but not a chance. no respite for the weary. my seasonal depression deepens with every passing day. i'm starting to look west for some relief. my friend schvonzie has a ringside seat in arizona that my have my name on it in a couple of weeks. if i can make it that long.

i mean, yeah, i really do like watching tdf videos. but not THAT much. it was ok for a week. but there has to be a break here and there where i get to go outside and blow off some pent up energy. i'm about to go stir crazy. i'm sweating enough to rust titanium. maybe. nah.

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