Sunday, December 09, 2007

aya sofia and the belly dancers

deanna and i met 'the tina' and crew thursday night for a little adult dinner. they had already ordered food by the time i got there...nice selection, too. there was a little bit of everything there that i can't pronounce but really like. quite casual, i was able to sample all of it and come away full...and full of garlic. yum, yum.

there was a belly dancer there, too. she was scantily clad (what self respecting belly dancer would have on layers of clothes??) and told us how cold she was. after the tina gave her a few dollars, i gave my dollars to tina to shove into the dancers skivvies. i mean, it feels so stripperish to give a belly dancer dollars like that, you know? it makes me nervous. why don't they just have a pot on the floor, or pass around a hat? why do we have to touch someone we don't really know in such an intimate way, just so they can get paid?? it may have been better, too, had the beautiful mrs k not been there. pulling on some cute girls drawers and slipping in a george washington in front of your wife is....ahem....unnerving.

i survived and drove home happy.

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