Saturday, December 29, 2007

hanna hard at work

hanna has been staying with us since christmas day. i didn't want to leave her behind every day when we went to work, so we brought her with us today. here she is early in the day, straightening the sidi and shimano shoes. after this, she took some inventory for me.
as time dragged on, she got a little bored. she modeled some ghisallo wear for us, sorted clothes for the girls, and played with the camera.

part of playing with the camera means doing some self portraits. they turned out pretty good.

by the end of the day, she looked like i do sometimes. get me outta here!!!


Dan Schmatz said...

How old is she now? I don't think a 10 year age difference is that much. Maybe in 18 years or so we can have an arranged marriage or something. No Perryville though....

TK said...

she'll be 8 in january. samuel could be a lucky guy if hanna becomes the rock star she is hoping to be!