Monday, December 24, 2007

a night out

saturday night was a nice evening out with the beautiful mrs k.

first, we met with the rest of the ghisallo crew at the boss's house for our little christmas party. we hung out, had some laughs, ate some good grub from mrs miller's kitchen, and exchanged some gifts (i got another starbuck's card! add this one to the card i got from the kaiser, and i'm buzzing for 10 days straight!) and then headed out for the second leg, live music. sparky and little o went with us, but o is only 20 and got booted at the door. ah, the utes.

mrs k used to follow the urge when they were big in st. louis. she went to school with the tall guy who played the trombone. since the band split up, steve ewing, the lead singer, has struck out on his own. i reluctantly went to those thanksgiving night shows at mississippi nights back in the 90's to see the urge. i just don't like horns. at least not ska horns. but it was always a good time.

so, imagine my surprise saturday night. we went to Llewellyn's in webster to see steve ewing and his band, and WOW. take those horns away, and the hard edge comes in. even the old urge songs that i didn't like were killer without the horns. it was a rockin' show. deanna's cousin kyle is working a bit now with steve, and will end up playing guitar for the band in the coming year. so, i won't just have to go see the band because kyle is in the band...i can go because i actually like the music!

go see the steve ewing band if you get a chance. they are definitely worth the night out.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, small world. I was good friends with the sax player from the Urge (Bill) in high school and college, and once hauled the trombone player (Matt?) to an ambulance after an unsuccessful stage dive onto his head. Ewing is not only an awesome singer, but a great guy. The Urge was always jacked up, all the band members had different musical styles, so...well you know the rest.