Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my little cuties

while at my sisters cabin, we tried and tried to get some good photos for a christmas card. this one turned out pretty well. but between eli's wiggling and tyson fidgeting, it was tough. and just when the boys would get their act together, hanna would blink just as the camera flashed. it was tough. eli looks like he's seen one of the buffalo's that hang out in the area.

a pretty good one here, too. eli is just about to ask me if that's a log or a giant squid in the river.

after all the difficult pictures with eli, the older kids settled down and we got this one in front of the tree. but, we couldn't use this one as our christmas card because photo shopping eli in would just be wrong.

of course eli is all smiles while daddy is holding him. he's on a huge daddy kick right now, spewing "daddy" hundreds of times a day. sometimes he sings "daddy, daddy, daaaaaaaaaadyyyyyyy" and other times he shouts it at the top of his lungs....."DAAAAAADY!!!" yes, it's cute. yes, it's extremely annoying. yes, i really like to hear it, still.

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