Sunday, December 09, 2007

couldn't help myself

i spent a little time putting the el fuego together this morning. i've shifted gears a little, moving a little away from the exotic and back to more basic racing stuff. i get carried away sometimes, if you haven't noticed.
i love the black, silver, and red mix. it looks racy, and it's reasonably light, but i chose durability over exotic this time. i laced up a pair of spoked wheels this time, too, with rim-brake rims and disc hubs for versatility. the only bit of carbon on the ventana is a set of bontrager bars (the heavy ones) because i love the bend. the race face cranks are there because the homegrown has them. they are particularly narrow. of course, there is a kaiser-built sid to make the front end light and smooth.
there were two compelling reasons for the el fuego: durability and geometry. it's a shade over 5.5lbs for the frame, which is right there with most of the aluminum full suspension frames i have weighed, but legendary for it's durability and stiffness. and, over the last year or so, i have constantly gone back to the homegrown due to it's fit. it just seems right, whatever that is. the ventana is within a millimeter of every dimension vs. the homegrown. that will make riding them back to back, or months apart, a piece of cake.

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Anonymous said...

Man, you sure move through some bikes. I thought the last one was a Trek, or was it an Orbea?

Now this one is really interesting. I hear good things about Ventana. I'd like to hear more about how it handles. I was considering this frame for my next (first) FS bike. Might be a little out of my price range though.