Saturday, December 15, 2007

what to do on a snowy day

rosco was having no part of it. he just got his hairs cut last week and he's still cold and pissed.
eli, on the other hand, was determined to follow the big kids outside. hat? check! coat? check! gloves? check! spiderman snow boots? you got it!

hanna and tyson had already begun building the great wall of st. louis when eli found a shovel. i told him it was the wrong kind of shovel, but he's a persistent little guy.

unhappy and unsure as to why we would want to use this big, flat thing to play in the snow, he first balked at the idea. i demonstrated a little by scooping up copious amounts of snow and flinging it into the air. he laughed hysterically as the snow rained down on the kids. he was soon on board....

...and soon just plain bored. he tried a little snow shoveling and found that falling in it was much more fun. hanna chased him around as he slipped and slid and fell. a good time was had by all but me, who had to resume the real shoveling.

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