Thursday, December 20, 2007

things you will see around my house every day

eli loves the bath. the plays in the tub like there is no tomorrow. he dives from the edges, floats on his back, pours water onto the floor(!), blows bubbles, sticks his head under the flowing water, whatever.
rosco and rocky stick together when it's cold. rocky's chin was resting on rosco's back but moved it just before i got the shot. never thought i'd see this happen.

i told you rosco is cold. lack of hair will do that to you. he had to get cut short because his long hair got matted up. a combination of my laziness (not brushing his enough) and his penchant for getting totally slopped up in the back yard did it.

he's also quite industrious. all the rugs being cleaned? he'll find a good place to sleep no matter what. the beautiful mrs k's bag is just the ticket.

just because i thought this angle was funny.

eli sleeps like this. on his chest, arms underneath him, knees tucked under, butt in the air. it's hilarious. and really cute.


a oz said...

Dillon sleeps like that too! He has also decided the floor is more fun to sleep on than a bed.

TK said...

ha, it looks like it would hurt, doesn't it?