Friday, December 28, 2007

the old rock house

cousin kyle was playing a couple sets at the old rock house just outside of soulard tonight. if you squint your eyes, you can see him and the vocalist in the background of this great photo. i'll let the characters narrate for you...uncle jim: who let that cockatoo in here??
max: dad! how did THESE photos end up on my new camera???
gus: why isn't anyone listening to me?
aunt jane: i just love other people's kids!
keith: no more for me, i'm trying to cut down. well, maybe a little more...
waitress: that's it, big guy, i'm cutting you off. looks like it's shirley temples for you.
guy in bottom right: man, is that burger still alive?
guy in bottom left (steve ewing): man, i sure with that kyle guy would play for my band!

cousin kyle was rocking the acoustic guitar AND the electric guitar with his cohort on vocals and keyboard. they were busting out the classic rock tunes. great venue for this type of thing.

dad, i know you're interested in the band and all, but you can see i only have ONE toy to play with here. see this plate? kiss it goodbye unless you can find me something constructive to do!

this photo looks like she has a glow stick. she was gettin' down to the cool guitar riffs and the crowd. she saw the next band setting up as we were leaving and really didn't want to miss it. she's bound to end up a club girl with an attitude like that.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, there's Steve. Now I'm reminiscing about the Urge days. You should have seen them at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO. That was always an awesome time. Mississippi Nights was alright, but they owned the Blue Note! By the way, your shop probably has an Orbea road bike with my name on it this year...