Thursday, November 01, 2007


we forgot the camera last night, but if you checked out the pictures from the other day, you get the picture. yes, the kids were cute, yes they did a lot of funny things, yes they ate lots of candy, and yes, we did too.

we went to jim and denise's neighborhood to trick or treat with their kids. our street seems so, well, i don't know, not fun? no sidewalks. quite a few elderly people. it just makes sense for us to take the show on the road. eli was decked out again in his cute lion's costume, and tyson was the scary darth chicken. max and gus were men in black, but everyone kept confusing them with the blues brothers. an honest mistake, i suppose. we continued the night by stopping off at grandma's house. then more family friends. then finally katie and kevin's house. they made the boys some cool trick or treat stuff, and i gorged on the barbque'd pumpkin seeds. that made my night!

at the end of the night, mrs k and i were beat, but eli and tyson were quite revved up. i guess candy does have a majic effect on kids. got a kid with chronic depression? near death? feed him m&m's. trust me.

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