Thursday, November 29, 2007

perrywinkle blue

i finally got my vcr setup back from baby einstein. i had my little man cave/workout area next to the workshop in the basement when eli came along. that meant the ancient vcr had to come upstairs so he could be momentarily entertained by videos. recently, he has graduated to thomas the train and even the cars movie on dvd, so the 1980's vcr is mine! it's back, baby!

i set it up this afternoon in anticipation of a long trainer ride tonight. i chose snatch, a guy ritchey movie for the record books. (i recently saw lock, stock, and two smoking barrells and that may have booted snatch from my all-time favorite spot) it made the time go by pretty quickly, i must say. throughout the movie, i'm always thinking about alternative actions the ill-fated characters could have taken to avoid the inevitable. what if gorgeous george hadn't been knocked the f out by micky? what if the dogs had caught the rabbit? what if frankie four fingers had just skipped the boxing match altogether? what if tyrone had lost a few pounds? or if vinny hadn't gone back for the piker's dog? my favorite character is bullet tooth tony, who incidentally plays an equally interesting character in lock stock. a very tough character with a surprising mild side.

makes you wonder about perrywinkle blue, doesn't it?

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Boz said...

Turkish: "What's a gun doing in your trousers?"

Tommy: "It's for protection."

Turkish: "Protection from what? "zee" Germans!"