Friday, November 02, 2007

i rode thursday

i rode my mountain bike for the third time (!!!!!!) in a week thursday morning. i trudged out to lost valley, partly because i hadn't been there in months and months, and partly because it seems to be closer to work than the other trails. it's not closer. it's just in the same general direction.

miracle upon miracle, i managed NOT to fall again.

the trail was void of any human beings. there were deer, no doubt running for their lives, dodging camo-clad weekend (weekday??) rambo's shooting guns at them. how fair is that? i mean, even i could hit the broadside of a barn with some of those cannons these guys use...of course they can hit a deer.

anyway, the ride was superbe. i felt good, i was riding good, and i had mrs k's garmin on so i could oogle the electronic info later. i was on the homegrown, as the oiz is in surgery at the moment, awaiting some new, different, and probably insanely expensive parts. (you kind of expect me to say that stuff now, don't you? in reality, nothing expensive at all, just different) in case anyone is wondering, yes, a hardtail is, you know, hard on the tail.

i didn't ride very long, only two laps, about an hour and ten minutes. it was chilly, i overdressed (yeah, like always) and was drenched in sweat. and hungry. but, i had a lot of fun. i'm going to ride there again next week if i can, and do the mitch-the-masher loops, cutting out the boring jeep track and hitting the single track more often.

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