Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a change in the weather

i rode to work monday morning in a drapery of wet winter clothes. i overdressed. it was humid and windy, but not cold. my clothing must have weighed 10lbs when i reached chesterfield. mrs k joined the monday morning ride at the shop and they were all pretty happy about the warm but windy morning. mrs k was using some of the sunday-ride training on the monday morning ride. pj was giving her pointers, and it appears as though i am correct when i tell the little lady that she is fast.

then it got cold. really cold. waking up this morning to 34 degrees was, pardon the pun, uncool. it didn't stop me from riding my mountain bike. i went to castlewood like i owned the place. i had a blast, mostly because i was riding slow and i was the only person in the park. it was 40 degrees by the time i rode, though, so it was perfect with the right clothing. it's always funny to see plumes of dust on the trail when it's that cold. man, it's dry out there. if the significant rains hold off for a while longer, maybe the trails will remain ridable for the foreseeable future.

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