Sunday, November 18, 2007

last soccer game

saturday was the last soccer game for tyson. mrs k has been the team's coach this year, trying to whip the little whipper snappers into some type of shape. she mostly succeeded, all of the kids having improved quite a bit. they still had a tough time winning, but first grade kids do pretty well just to pay attention to the game at all, so improvement is the name of the game. tyson got the most aggressive award at the pizza party, which is an admirable trait, when properly applied.

unfortunately, i never got to watch more than 10 minutes total for the year. when i went to games, it was just to babysit the little guy. and eli doesn't take much to sitting and watching. it was to the playground, keep him from plummeting off the jungle gym, chase him when he tries to run onto the field, catch him before he tumbles down the hill, back to the playground again, down into the dirt, back onto the field...yeah, soccer games are easier for the players than for me.

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