Sunday, November 11, 2007

top of the met

we went to a wedding reception last night that was at the top of the met downtown. pretty ritzy place, normally the kind of place that doesn't let me in. the happy couple is from a family that deanna has known her entire life. it was a large reception, full of important people like bob holden and francis slay. the food was exceptional, and the meatball appetizers were stellar. this is the view looking west. st. louis looks pretty cool from this view, doesn't it?
and this is the view east. a most impressive view of the arch. placing the camera against the glass with the flash turned off worked pretty well....not so much with the flash on.

the happy couple. deanna said that she and the grooms sister used to torture this poor guy. it must pretty pretty strange to see a newborn grow up and get married.

and here is another happy couple. the mrs loves it when i dress up, and i'm pretty keen on it when she dresses up as well. we just don't get the chance very often. yes, i tied the tie.

another picture. look at this woman, hanging all over me. i know i'm practically irresistible, but c'mon! get a room!

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