Friday, November 09, 2007

thursday, busy thursday

thursday had an itinerary a mile long. what better way to start it than a long ride to work?

since the mrs and i would be staying at work late, she drove the car and i rode. i took the scenic route, down into valley park, through castlewood, and down into chesterfield. almost exactly two hours, which is what i wanted. the wind was a worthy foe, coming into my face no matter the direction. i was so glad to get to work that i showered and had a mocha chip frappacino in my hands before you could say mocha chip frappacino.

we had a lot to do for the first annual GNO (girls night out) at the store. 30 chairs had to be set up somewhere. dust bunny's had to be eradicated. people had to be called. and all the while, customers had to be helped.

and it went off without a hitch. a roaring success, i would say. 37 women showed, and the trek people were great. it'll be hard to top that, but believe it or not, we have the chilli cookoff sunday night!

it all turned out so well. the beautiful mrs k is such a party thrower. she is having a great time with the women's ride and the ghisallo club. we've met some really nice people from those things, too.

being busy is sometimes awful, but not always.

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