Tuesday, November 06, 2007

drugs drugs drugs

seems like health net's nathan o'neil has been sacked. you guessed it, drugs. not the epo's, not the hgh's, but a simple appetite suppressant. i guess it's important to keep one's appetite in check when one is competing on a professional level. but to lose your job over an appetite suppressant?? wow. sucks to be him. maybe he should've just said no to the snacky cakes and chocolate covered pop-tart surprises. if the guy had a weight problem, she should've just had lipo. would that be cheating? and, if he was doing the simple stuff, was he doing the major stuff, too, but just never got caught for it? i wonder if all the guys he's beaten for national championships over the years feel better or worse? actually, he had a prescription for it, but it's illegal to use during competition. what the hell is a professional athlete doing taking an appetite suppressant??

but, what drugs are ok? when is a supplement a drug? when is the drug performance enhancing? i've used an inhaler for about 12 years. does that make me a doper? i don't know. watch me playing ticket taker at the back of a 1/2 race and you would never believe i'm a doper. i don't condone the drugs some of these guys take, but when do we draw the line?

deep thoughts? nah. just makin' conversation.

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Daniel B. said...

When it gives you an unfair advantage? But that's kind of vague. Does a carbon fiber handlebar give you an edge of a competitor that doesn't have one? Probably not. But designer drugs are a different animal.

Is Optygen a performance enhancing drug? Why isn't it banned? Maybe eucalyptus oil should be banned? Maybe Koala Bears should be banned?

The line is drawn in sand... and a slight breeze can cover that up.