Saturday, November 03, 2007

off to the movies

the beautiful mrs k and i took the boys to see the bee movie tonight. hanna wasn't with us, which bummed me out because she loves movies. anyway, it's a great movie. there are so many laughs that you really quit thinking about it being animated pretty quick. i've always been a seinfeld fan, so hearing that voice obsess over every little problem and fear just takes me back to the sitcom of old.

during the movie, eli would get a wild hair and yell out "BEEEEEEEE! BEEEEEE!" we were cracking up. and afterward, when we kept kidding with him and tickling him, we'd say "bzzzzzzzz" like a buzzing bee. he would come back with "beeeeeeee, beeeeee" because he hasn't quite learned the z sound yet.

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