Saturday, November 03, 2007

more childish obsessing

this is a gorgeous titanium grey 1972 pantera. it seems like most of the photos on the web are of '72's. i don't know if that was the model most imported, or if it's just the one most pantera enthusiasts love. the wheels are campagnolo wheels, similar to those used on the early lamborghini cars. yes, that same campagnolo we know and love. the designer of the pantera is tom tjaarda, who also did one of the ferrari california models, as well as the fiat 124.
in a pantera, the engine and transmission sat in exactly the same north-south arrangement as in most cars, only they pushed it all the way back to the trunk. of course, experts know that this is a 351 ford cleveland engine, like most pantera's used. it was similar to the boss 351 used in the '71 boss mustang, one of the strongest 'small' displacement engine of the era. it was rated at 310 horsepower. ford blue tips off most others, and the really dense among us just read the plaque.

the tail is reminiscent of the early lamborghini countach's, only with cleaner, less cluttered details.

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