Sunday, November 04, 2007

sunday rides continue!

for the 4th sunday in a row, mrs k and i got out for a real ride. the boys had a sitter, so we took off in the early afternoon for parts unknown.

after a slowish start, things picked up. we went out toward kirkwood, down adams, along doherty ferry, back on marshall road. mrs k's last experience with marshall road was a day or two before we found out she was pregnant with the little guy. she wasn't in cycling shape then, and she was periodically ill with morning sickness, so marshall pretty much got the best of her then. today was quite a different story. she went up the hill with the steadiness of a discovery channel lieutenant, if not as fast. she was very excited about her accomplishment. i wasn't going to take her up any hills until she mentioned it. we're very glad we did.

from there we rode along geyer to rott, then a trip though tapawingo and back up to robyn and old watson, along eddy and park, down pardee and then home. it was a 2+ hour effort.

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