Thursday, November 29, 2007


not that i really had to get any big project done, but the mrs and i both took vacation days today. we tried to go back to sleep after getting the boys off to their respective destinations, but we were foiled by the phone ringing.

my mom always called me when i was napping. i have so rarely in my life been able to lay down and take a nap. for one, it's hard for me to fall asleep during the day even if i am dog tired. two, i don't ever get the chance. three, someone always calls. it's weird. my mom had a sixth sense about her...she could sense it if i was successful at laying my head down. she would pounce on the phone, even though she knew it was going to wake me up. she couldn't help herself. ring. ring. ring. "oh, don't tell me i woke you up again??" she'd always say.

of course, she isn't the one calling me now, and not today. but someone always will. and if i'm lucky enough to remember to actually disable the phones while i nap, the ups driver or a mormon will knock. it's just the way things go.

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