Friday, November 16, 2007

what i did on my vacation

i just had to take a couple of vacation days. i haven't had more than a couple in about 14 months of work. so, what did i do with my two vacation days? why, i worked around the house, of course!

our basement is a nightmare. cardboard boxes, bags, plastic containers of every size, christmas trees, you name it. so my goal was to build some shelves to shove all of it on to.

shopping list:
18 2x4's
2 4x8 sheets of plywood
2 boxes of decking screws (torx head, no less)

cordless drill
circular saw (circa 1985)
zippo measuring tape
pencil (sharpened with a box knife)

the shelves ended up being 16 feet long by 2 feet deep, and 2 shelves high. there is plenty of room beneath the bottom shelves for large containers. and they still aren't big enough. while the basement looks pretty good right now, there are still things that won't fit on the shelves. ug.

it may be time for a special trash pick up....


Daniel B. said...

From the picture, the shelves kind of look like bunk beds at some kind of secret concrete cult-retreat. Waco? Ruby Ridge? Are you brewing up some "special" Kool-Aid too? Good times.

Count me in! Don't kill the chickens and other assorted medium-sized animals 'til I get there. I'll bring the blood chalice.

TK said...

hmmm, you are a very disturbed man. these are shelves. nothing more...(i told you not to tell anyone about the 'bunk beds'!)

Daniel B. said...

Okay, maybe that wasn't funny.

But the barren, gray concrete wall gave the picture a lonely feel to it. Follow that up with the stark, untreated rawness of the cheap lumber, and the mind starts drifting to "dark" places.

Maybe paint a mural of a mountain meadow with spring time flowers on the wall, and paint the shelves some happy color - and my mind wouldn't drift to "dark" places!

It's all on you... Subjecting your blog readers to these creepy, basement photos!

I hate basements! I hate basements! It's no small coincidence you used 'basement' and 'nightmare' in the same sentence!

I'm in my happy place... I'm in my happy place.

Just kidding around. But in all seriousness: Not a big fan of basements. Even furnished basements, for that matter. When I go down to do laundry, I still RUN up the stairs every time.

I am such a baby! If you ever want to scare me half-to-death... lock me in a basement.

TK said...


i didn't mean to dredge up any bad feelings, db. really. it really is a set of shelves, and my basement really doesn't look as cold and uninviting as my bad photography might depict. on the other side of the basement is my cool workshop, tv, and treadmill. and it's clean!!!