Thursday, November 29, 2007

where is the manhood?

i got my oil changed by a place today. i haven't had my oil changed by someone else in quite a while. normally, i like to do it. especially on cars i really like. like the mustangs. or the mazda 6. or even the fusion. but my enthusiasm for crawling on the cold ground while changing the oil in the freestyle is all but nonexistent.

so, this morning i dropped the beautiful mrs k off at the shop for the wednesday morning women's ride and went to the valvoline place. at first i had pain in my heart for letting someone else do such a menial task to my car. i felt shame. but, as i sat there and watched, i realized that it's only a pleasurable task if the car is, well, pleasurable. the freestyle is a tool. it gets me and the family and our goods to different places when we need it. it isn't cool under the hood. it doesn't go vroom. i completely plan to change my oil if the need arises when it is warm outside...but i don't intend on changing the oil in this car if it is at all an inconvenience.

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