Friday, November 23, 2007

black friday?

the scene outside of ghisallo this morning before the sun came up. sparky the mechanic is somewhere under the throngs of people, attempting to hold them back from the impending big sale!!!

nah, just kiddin'. but it was busier than i had ever seen it before at work. it's pretty amazing what happens when you take a few dollars off merchandise, huh? usually, the smaller specialty stores (like bicycle stores) don't get to participate in these big shopping days. we just don't usually have the inventory to offer at such big discounts, nor the staff to hang around for hours and hours, starting before the roosters crow. but, we got something together and made it happen. we've got a great group to work with and since we are a very clothing-intensive store, it worked.

but now i'm tired. worn out. pooped. and the kids are all going to be here this weekend.

maybe it should be called black eye friday.

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