Tuesday, October 30, 2007

riding, yet again

again starting out cold, i figured it would be a fantastic morning to go out to chubb. i got sort of a late start, mostly because of laziness, partly because i couldn't get motionbased.com to work with deanna's garmin. frustrated and late, i sped the truckster down 44 and hit the trail at west tyson.

not a soul in sight. great, i had the trail all to myself. and i even brought along deanna's garmin to see what sort of info i can gather on the trail. those things are handy! forget cycling computers (unless you need power info, like, you know, a powertap!), gps devices do all that while it just sits there on your handlebar. no wires. no magnets. slowly but surely, i will get in touch with the modern world of electronics.

anyway, i had a bit of fun this morning. the lines were harder to make out because of the leaves, but the recent rains had packed down the trail well enough that the gravel wasn't quite as annoying as it was last saturday. and i dialed the oiz in a bit better, so things were rockin'. i only did two loops of the tyson/flint quarry trail and had to call it a day. but, that was enough. i promised myself that i would ride off-road once or twice a week all winter, even if it means that i will ride the homegrown in less than desirable conditions....note that i did NOT say mud.

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Schvonzie said...

Word, i still got the homegrown. I'm thinking that may make the trip to Arizona! Got to be other things to do out there besides the shootout.