Sunday, October 21, 2007

me and eli at starbucks

i dropped coach kakouris off at tyson's soccer game on saturday morning. there was no way i was going to face the day without some coffee. eli had kept us both up nearly all night. that kid doesn't want to sleep. period.

so, with the little angel in the back seat, we headed off to starbucks. the drive thru was packed, so i parked and we went inside. he was happy as a clam, all 3 or 4 hours of sleep he had. i ordered up my coffee and he and i sat down on the nice, soft benches. he had already pulled some of the stuff off the shelves, so i knew it was going to be a chore to drink my coffee and keep him occupied.

i got him some milk. he spilled it. on him, on the table, on the nice soft seats. i went to get napkins, he pushed over the chair. i went to get my coffee when they called my name, he fell off the couch.

so here i am, feeling like the worst father ever, when he abruptly stopped crying.

"da da!" he said, pointing at the whipped cream on top of my grande mocha frappacino.

"oh, no you don't! i'm not giving you ANYTHING that may keep you up for even a minute!"

"da da!" he said again, pointing to the whipped cream and then his mouth.

"ok, ok, but just the whipped cream..." i said, knowing full well that the little mooch would eat all of my whipped cream, and that's half the fun of a grande mocha frappacino.

after spilling more milk, and eating all of my whipped cream, throwing all the napkins on the floor, and running around starbucks in his socks, i had enough. we got up to leave, and as i approached the door, all of his new friends inside starbucks said goodbye. he giggled and waved bye bye.

i've never been more tired after coffee than before coffee....


Tosh said...

Salute Daddy w/ a HUGE smile!! ;-)

a oz said...

Boy, that sounds like Dillon in any store! I feel your pain.