Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Katie and Kevin's wedding

this is one way to get your name on a billboard. the couple would rather wear jeans and t-shirts, but they cleaned up so well it's hard to argue.
the wedding party taking photos. this is always the hard part for the bridesmaids/groomsmen. but, you sign up for the job, and you have to give it your all. they did a great job, i think.

a photograph of the photographer taking photographs in francis park. say that 10 times fast.

it's cake cutting time at sylvan springs park. what a great place for a reception. the cake was deeeeelishus.

katie and kevin love (and tolerate very well) kids. they had all the kids in attendence gather for photos. it was comical. they keep smiling, no matter how bratty the little goobers get.

the first dance. this is always a good one.

and of course, a dance with mom. i wonder what she told him? mom's usually have some type of advice for the boys. she probably told him he had topped out and that he'd better take care of his woman.

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