Tuesday, October 30, 2007

riding, again

monday was a pretty nice day, despite the cold start. i had a thick layer of frost on the windshield of the family truckster. i knew it would be pretty nice by day's end, so i convinced mrs k that we should try to beat the sun and do a quick hour ride after work. she was game, although she was walking a little slowly, no doubt a bit sore from sunday's effort.

two days in a row? is it possible that we could ride together two days, back to back? not likely, but it happened. and fellow ghisallo worker/team rider devlin joined us. (he will from henceforth be known as trevor...ask shawn o'neal...) we bolted from the shop as soon as we could lock the doors and headed up wildhorse, through wildhorse parkway, onto orville, right on eatherton, left on wildhorse, right on centaur, and back on old olive. we kicked it as fast as we could, and even pacelined a bit on the flats coming back. it was fun for the mrs and i to ride with someone. i'm not sure we ever have.

it's pretty certain that evening rides are going away. the sun just doesn't have it's heart in hanging around....

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