Thursday, October 04, 2007

the waltons

eok: g'night, rosco.
rpc: g'night, eli.

eok: rosco?
rpc: yes, eli?
eok: will you cuddle up next to me? i'm really cold.
rpc: uh, i kind of need my space, kid.
eok: i promise not to pull your hair.
rpc: you said that last time.

eok: rosco?
rpc: what is it, kid?
eok: will you change my diaper before we go to sleep? i'm kinda wet here.
rpc: mom and dad are better at that stuff, kid. it has something to do with opposable thumbs.

eok: rosco?
rpc: what? what do you want now? can't you see i'm trying to sleep here?
eok: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how all kids look like little angels when they are asleep? It must be God's way of tricking parents into forgetting what they got into throughout the day!

Pam C

TK said...

amazing. it works on me every night.

Tosh said...

CUTE!!!! ;-) < a lullaby in the BGM >

"@#*&$^$!!" < sound effect of vinyl record scratch!! & Evil Tosh whispers TK >

Excuse me, TK, but....
Enjoy, remember, and videotape the moment, right now!! Yes, TK, RIGHT NOW!!

They will turn to "my evil kids" 12 yrs later, saying, "How come do I have to this / that?!?!" Others may have less time than that!! ;-)
(FYI: "B/c I said so!!" doesn't work!!)

Anyway, did you get pics? OR I should post them where you can dl/copy?

please drop a line to: OR