Sunday, October 21, 2007


the beautiful mrs k and i took the boys to get pumpkins for the upcoming halloween extravaganza. we didn't have hanna with us this weekend, but we did get a pumpkin for her. we went to a really cool place in kirkwood of all places. rhombachs is just too far out, and usually too crowded. we were pleasantly surprised.
tyson found out that overalls really do fit his new look quite well. (hands go on the sides, silly!)

eli couldn't figure out what tyson was doing. he decided to stay far away, and it was time for feats of strength, anyway.

and now, for the awesome, stupendous, amazing feats of strength! uuuuungh! uuuuungh!

uuunnghh! grrrrrr! ^^###@@!!! @##@#!!! @@@@!!!

so much for the feats of strength! maybe we should rest a while. this little pumpkin right here looks just right anyway....

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