Monday, October 01, 2007

the hole story

damage control: the breach has been eradicated!

the kaiser and i had sped to the ozarks on sunday morning in the chrysler-mini-van-of-the-week for the midwest fattire race known as the OZ EPIC. beautiful weather, killer course, what more could we ask for?

after a good start, catching the younger experts, and beginning to pull away nicely, i could've asked for NOT hitting the rock with my pedal at speed. this altercation resulted in a pole vault, only not so much a pole vault in the way that i sort of pivoted on my front axle in a very, very tight arc and augured into the ground. wham. 20 to 0 in 1 second. quickly, i dusted off my face, looked at my arms to see that they were still attached, and i stopped pretty much cold as 4 riders passed.

ah, a hole. there was a breach in the epidermis. a rather messy breach, one filled with dust and dirt, but the reddish brown flow from the top of my knee, down past my shin, through my sock and into my shoe left me a bit speechless.

i frantically straightened my handlebars, leaped aboard my steed and began to pedal furiously toward the finish. i pretty much knew i had to get there, and quickly.

a hole in the knee isn't good, i thought to myself.

too bad, because i was going rather quickly today.

as my aching body started grooving again, i realized that while i was intending on getting to the finish line area quickly so that they wouldn't find my blood-drained body sometime during the winter deer hunting season, i was going rather fast in a racing-my-mountain-bike way. so fast, in fact, that i caught the leaders. caught and passed them.

so i kept going.

i finished first, and even though i got caught again by one of the 34 and under experts, i still beat the gap and was the fastest rider of the day by 45 seconds!

the kaiser and i spurred the minivan and got home in what i would say was record time. i didn't even stain his seats, as my leaking knee was pretty much dry. when i reached home, the beautiful mrs k marched me over to the urgent care for stitches. the cleaning of the hole and subsequent stitches caused more pain, in my estimation, than the whole hole incident up until that point.

i gotta stay off the bike this week. and that's the hole story.


Schvonzie said...

Hell yea! Thats what i'm talking about. I thought your story was going to end with you sitting up and going home early. Instead you stuck around to take peoples money!! Thats where its at. A quick story:

This years superweek i was crashed with about 15 laps to go. The bike was toe up, and so was i. Sprained wrist, elbow, and a fractured radius. I still got back in the race, but it hurt like hell. I tried to make my way to the front, and when i say front, i mean 2nd to last wheel, or last wheel. The whole time is was thinking, "Damn it Mavrick, engage!!" I just couldn't do it. So i just sat on the back and finished the race. Moral of the story. Your bad ass!!!

Dan Schmatz said...

I know how you feel...

Did you build the bmc yet?

TK said...

bmc is in the stand in the basement. probably thursday.

Daniel B. said...

TK, what's up with the new "Ghisallo Running" Store on North & South and Delmar??? Is that connected to the bike shop in Chesterfield? Business must be good.

Stitches in the knee might just provide you the needed rest before your next event.

TK said...

yes, ghisallo running is indeed our project. not that i have anything to do with it, but the guys down there are primo running experts, so check it out.

stitches...what stitches??