Thursday, October 25, 2007

missed me by that much

i sped out to the 'wood today to beat the rain and ride the sweeter-than-sugar oiz. it sprinkled all the way out there, but not enough to turn me away.

i jumped out of the freestyle and onto the trail. it was still quite dusty, despite the rain from monday and tuesday. i've been chewing on the things to adjust and change on the bike since my ride at chubb the other day, and today confirmed that i'm not a wide-bar kind of guy. the bars that came with the bike are wide. nothing a hack saw won't cover. and i think the stem is a little long. no matter, i only got about 40 minutes in before it began raining hard enough to head to the family truckster. a quick change into my running shoes (and yes, i did take off my helmet), and i ran around the field for a bit. i want to work this old body of mine a little bit outside the box of the bicycle. i'm too narrow in my strengths, so a little run a few times a week will take care of some problems, and a trip to the gym another 3 or 4 days will fix other problems. who wants to be a strong cyclist who can't move a heavy coffee table?

i should start stretching a lot more, too. i stretch every night, god's honest truth. i watched dan literally place his stem onto his top headset bearing, you know, he actually removed the top cap to get it lower. that tells me my 3 carbon spacers is just too much. what am i, mary poppins? what kind of bike racer puts his stem up like a hybrid? me. and that's going to change. i'm not giving up my headset cap, though....i have to draw the line somewhere.

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