Monday, October 29, 2007

halloween happiness

here we are, all in our costumes. i was dressed as a happy dad, eli was a lion, and hanna was a greek goddess, along with matching american girl doll. they were both pretty convincing. all of the kids seem to have a great time eating chili, decorating mini pumpkins, and listening to story time.
tyson was scaring the little ones with his darth (chicken) vader mask, while gus took the other route and played a 'man in black'. much more convincing when the costumes are on, boys. the grapes were good. so were the fritos.

you think this is cute? you should hear him say 'roar.' it's enough to make you go out and buy one of these little guys. i highly recommend getting one, boy or girl. worth his weight in gold. lion suit optional.

i think everyone at the place was cracking up when the little lion would run across the floor. his little tail would flop around and his 'paws' would too. 'roar!'

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