Sunday, October 21, 2007

hill training

i told mrs k that we were just going for a ride. we again got a sitter for the boys so we could take advantage of this indian summer.

last week, deanna told me that she really sucked on hills.

"everybody sucks on hills," i said last week. "some people just suck more than others. we just have to get you out on some hills."

i made good on my promise. the plan was to do some of the famous sunset south loop. i figured we could do some climbs, and then bail out of the loop when she had enough. after climbing up behind grants farm, she was fine. then, just to throw it in the mix, we went up through tapawingo. no problem. up weber hill that was a good one. i had her going on that one. she did great. across gravois onto kinnerly, onto tesson ferry, the wind was vicious. down past suson park, onto meramec bottom road, she was still doing good. we went up old baumgartner...three tough climbs on that one. instead of taking the whole loop (heintz, telegraph, fine, christopher) we took baumgartner up to telegraph, through jefferson barracks, and then home on the grants trail.

she figured out once we were on weber hill that i had hills in mind. i even told her during the ride that if she had pooped out on any of the hills, we would've bailed and taken a short route home. all in all, we did 33 miles and 3092ft. worth of elevation.

she sucks less than a lot of people on hills.

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