Sunday, October 14, 2007

riding with my honey

twice in 3 days i have ridden bikes with the beautiful mrs k. it's very rare, indeed, as we normally only get to ride together once a month or so.

i always do a warm up ride the day before a race, and this time that fell on friday. i invited the mrs along, since it usually consists of a moderate pace followed by some quick and intense intervals. she was game, so we did just that. to my surprise, she stayed with me for a very intense minute. those women's rides must really be helping her out! she copied my workout, and even attempted a sprint when it came time for those. i forget how unnatural a sprint is to people who haven't raced bikes all their lives. we'll work on that one.

today, we got a baby sitter so we could take advantage of the nicest day of the year. we rode down to valley park, looped around kirkwood, and back home. a bit more than 40 miles total. she rode like a champ. the worst part of the whole ride was the warm up on grant's trail. the people using that trail are oblivious to the point of being dangerous! we tried very hard to stay away from danger, but it kept leaping out at us. also leaping out at us were the gnats. millions and millions of gnats getting their last gasp of the season, and all headed for our eyes and mouths. it really was a glorious ride, dispite my bitching.

maybe we'll get to ride together again in october sometime?

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