Friday, October 12, 2007

guess what?

i stole a picture i took of my new bike from the ghisallo daily news. well, it's not quite yet a bike. it's a frame and a bunch of parts. too bad for me, i won't have the time to assemble it before tomorrow's race.

i had an aluminum oiz earlier this year, and, yes, got rid of it. i liked it, but sold it for the greener pastures of longer travel. shocker, i wanted it back. orbea, of course, didn't sit still and they made an even cooler version in carbon. it's not often that i get to trump the kaiser on the weight of something, but this black and beautiful carbon oiz is only 4.58lbs. egads, that's light. i did it up right and i have xtr in store for it, including the new xtr wheels. it should be in the 23lb range, still a couple of pounds heavier than the kaiser's bike overall. but, i guess i have frame bragging rights anyway.

i've been on a roller coaster of new frames here lately and i've grown tired of my own indecisiveness. i love interesting bikes and i have them at my disposal constantly...that's a bad combination. my road bikes are a bit more immune. i rode cannondales for years, and after a brief (very, very brief!) stint on a litespeed, i chose an orbea opal. i would've had that thing a long while, but the moots dropped in on me. who can resist that?? even after the entire preseason of killer carbon bikes have come around, my moots is staying. i realize that no matter how nice the new bikes are, i already have the pinnicle.

these ideas are more easily stated than adhered to.....

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