Tuesday, October 09, 2007

random photos from wedding weekend

tyson, break dancing in 2007. he's way ahead of it's return to popularity. mark your calendar.
hey, that looks like my dad's camera! where'd you get that?

oh yeah, i'm a rockstar. i've got mom's phone and i'm not afraid to use it.

if i sit here and grin like this, noone will know that i'm up to something.

mom and dad, trying to pretend that there isn't a little trouble maker crawling on the ground behind us with his butt in the air.

troublemaker with uncle keith. he probably should get one of his own one day and quit hogging ours.

the little princess, in full flower girl regalia. she was stunning, as always.

hair still perfect after a long day of wedding crashing.

speaking of crashing.

another view. i just love that he still had his little tie on.
thanks to sister denise (mrs k's sister, not sister in like a nun sort of way) for providing most of these photos of the momentous occasion.

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