Sunday, October 28, 2007

sunday rides continue!

bruised leg or not, the mrs and i were able to get out on our sunday ride again. this has been quite nice. the kids were driving us stark raving mad, and this was our chance to blow off steam.

i wasn't sure i could ride with the leg. it really hurts to go down stairs, or lift the leg in odd positions. but, true to my normal injury stats, i can usually ride even if i can't walk. we rode to jefferson barracks. we did a couple of laps around silvan springs (reconnaissance, i think) and 4 extremely hard laps around jb proper. i pulled a page out of the tim and ethan playbook and we pushed hard up each rise and kept pressure on the pedals in between. she kept a stream of expletives going as we climbed, but was quite cheery after each hill was done. i don't know how i feel about that. she tells me to push her hard on the rises, then balls me out while we're doing it, then thanks me when they are done. i dunno. but the progress is impressive. i don't think she is as fast as ethan was back in the day, but it's pretty cool how fast we were going up those climbs. we topped it off by flying up broadway and doing a solid interval on river des peres. we did 25 miles and a 1/4 mile of climbing, and were gone less than an hour and a half.

we got back in time to take the kids to the halloween festivities at church. we didn't have our camera, but denise took some great photos for us...that will be tomorrow's story.

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