Sunday, October 21, 2007

chubb trailing

chubb-a-dub-dub, gravel is the rub. yes, i ventured out saturday to the famous chubb trail. i first rode that place in 1988, and i thought it was rough then. i guess it was rough, what with having no suspension and no skills and really no business being out there. but, i'm here to tell you true believers...chubb is rough!! the place is a gravel pit.

i'm not saying i didn't have fun. quite the contrary. my new oiz was the reason for the season. that thing climbs like pat collier on crack! i was loving it. but every downhill/uphill was treacherous gravel. i guess the extra dry summer just created quite the erosion fest.

i did the "it's not a race" chubb time trial. it took me about an hour and six minutes. i subtracted the time it took me to stop at the picnic bench and swap spacers from under my stem to over my stem (look how smart i am, i brought tools along to fine tune my bike!), and the time i spent at lone elk riding amongst the throngs of cars looking for potential riding partners, and the time i spent doing a "redo" of a log i hesitated to bunnyhop the first time. that left me with about sixty two minutes total. not bad. i could go faster, but honestly, i'm scared to death of the trail at the moment. i need to toughen up and take that gravel like a man!

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