Sunday, October 28, 2007


dan and i got out for a rare ride together late saturday afternoon. even more rare: it was a mountain bike ride. we met at castlewood. surprisingly, it was bone dry, even after the rain we've had. dusty even. we tooled along, and 5 minutes later, i hit the deck. just rolled my tire on a small stick on the ground. it hurt more than i let dan know, but i was up and we were having fun again. we sped up the action and had some single track action going. after cresting justin's trail, we went down the backside of the cardiac climb and just before the bottom, i zigged instead of zagged. hit a root mid-turn, front wheel stopped. i hit the ground again, but not before my thigh hit my stem. that didn't really hurt. my back was hurting, like i landed on it. after the embarrassment wore off, we continued on, but cut it short. my thigh was hurting. you can't really tell here, but my thigh looks like there is a water balloon under the skin. hematoma blah blah blah. ouch! it was painful. what a bummer to have to cut the ride short because i fell...not once, but twice! what's going on here?
this is a picture of the area tonight. lots of bruising, quite painful to walk down stairs. it will probably go away in the next few days. luckily, i can still ride!

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