Sunday, June 10, 2007

when the lease is up

the lease was up on the beautiful mrs k's escape, so it was time to get something new. believe it or not, she is more of a ford driver than i am. she has owned 2 escorts, 2 explorers, and the escape. it seems they have her number.

the only sedan for young-thinking folks like us in ford's lineup is the fusion. the cousin of the mazda6, the fusion leans less sporty than the 6 but is appointed alot better. with 221hp and a 6speed automatic, it certainly gets out of it's own way, and although smooth riding, the michilen pilot tires grip pretty well. the interior is quite nice, and this one even came with sirrus satellite radio. bonus! it's hard to tell from this picture, but it's midnight blue metallic. sweet, sweet color. the interior tan leather. and it even has the sunroof that mrs k always insists on having.

two wagon type vehicles in the family was just too much. we pretty much got by with using only the freestyle 4 days a week, and the escape the other three. with that kind of usage, it made sense to get something less trucky and a little more fun to boot. believe it or not, it was NOT my decision to buy this car, and i'm still happy with it.


Brian said...

I really like the look of the current Fusion. As usual, you've got it all...and then some.

TK said...

yes, i have it all. all the BILLS a guy could want! i keed, i keed....