Sunday, June 10, 2007

race day

not for me, for tyson. the winghaven race in o'fallon had a kids race in the middle of the day, so we sped out there to let him have at it.

it was spitting rain, and several adult racers were walking around with road rash. i didn't figure it would be trouble for the kids, though, as it lightened up considerably. there were lots of kids and parents. after initially being told we were too late to register (at 1:30 for a 2:00 race??) mrs k straightened out the lady at the registration table and we were racing.

of course, it was delayed a bit, which makes the idea of being "late" for registration all the more ridiculous. we watched jill peterson, in her first bike race ever, win the women's open race for ghisallo. then it was our turn.

there were 20+ kids in tyson's race. it was a 6-7 year old grouping, so it was no surprise that tyson was the smallest kid there. there was a kid with a new trek kdr1000 road bike, and a few kids with actual bmx racing bikes. but tyson took my advice and started strong and never quit pedaling. he avoided a kid doing a lip skid at the roundabout and jammed home for 5th place. yoo hoo! it was fun to watch the little tykes pedal their hearts out. the kids take the races way more seriously than the promoters give them credit for. sooner or later, maybe there will be real races for them with prizes and trophies like in bmx racing.


Dan Schmatz said...

Is that the girl that rides the white oclv bike (till her orbea gets built)? If so I tuned her bike up Saturday after the group ride!

TK said...

yes, that's her. that ol' bike was doing her no favors.

Dan Schmatz said...

I haven't seen shifters mounted that low on the bars since I saw pictures of moninger racing from 1934.