Monday, June 04, 2007

saturday, saturday, one day only!

it was a bang-up saturday for us here at the k household. we took the crew up the street to the st. dominics parade and ensuing carnival. it was nice to just stroll up to the event, instead of pile everyone into the family truckster.

eli was completely beside himself when the fire engines came by. hanna and tyson were scrambling for the candy that the kids throw from the parade cars. quite an extravaganza.

a quick block away was the carnival. i've always wondered what it was about carnivals that inspires the drinker in everyone. it was, what, 11am? and yes, the beer tent was in full swing with none other than uncle jim at the wheel. not a lot of drunks yet, but drinkers. the other weird thing about carnivals...carnies. yeah, the people that run them. traveling gypsies? tumble weed types? who knows? the guy running the swings had finger nails as long as elvira's. and yet, there was fun everywhere. the kids were having a blast. we spent as much as a six flags trip...almost. standing next to the noise of the swings and the farris wheel, eli went to sleep in his stroller. the kid can't sleep at home in a wonderfully quiet room with winnie the pooh and tigger too on the wall, but he can sleep next to a blazing compressor and whirling carnival rides.

after we pawned the kids off on their various other parents, and katie and kevin came over to watch eli, the beautiful mrs k and i headed to aya sofya for a surprise birthday party for a dear friend of hers. it was a big hit, and yes, the friend was surprised. the food was great, as i stuffed myself with hummus, kabbobs, grape leaves, and even a mrs field's birthday cookie. being the party poopers we are, we bugged out early and made it home before 10pm. we're partiers...big, big partiers.

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