Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the road home

some BMC guy came by the shop at close looking for someone to ride with. i said, 'well, ok, since you're going my way....'

it's so nice to ride with someone. i get tired of the route to and from work. i've tried the ride 20 different ways, and there may be 20 more variations, but it is, after all, the same ride. riding with dan made it a lot more fun. he wasn't ripping my legs off or anything cool like that, but i guess the conversation and watching a duraace hub go round and round in front of me just makes an all-to-familiar ride fun again. we were talking about watts and pedal speed and how to conserve energy...you know, geeky bike racing stuff, and dan displayed to me his cartoon leg speed. when at full boil, dan can get his legs to resemble road runner's. i wanted to try it myself after he peeled off to ride back, but i didn't want to embarrass myself or my sorry knees. i'm sure i could make my legs look like cartoons, too, but more like wylee coyote's.

dan's was the second BMC i have seen in the last few days. i worked on another at the shop on friday. they have such interesting tube structures and joints. much more mechanical looking than most bikes. his was stiff as a board, like a rocket sled with pedals.

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Schvonzie said...

If you want to see cartoon legs, you should be riding with me. Mine have nothing to do with leg speed. AFLAAAAAAAAAAC