Wednesday, June 13, 2007

nice to read about friends

BIKE DROOL is back and dan is actually riding his bike and telling us about it. nice to hear from you, dan.


Daniel B. said...

Thanks. I'm kind of upset about mtn. biking, however. Last time I went I got a tick. And those things just freak me out man. I'm already enough of a hypochondriac as it is!! But to pluck a blood-sucking bug out of your flesh is over-the-top. And then have dreams that millions of them are crawling all over your bed as you sleep just looking for the right part of your body to plunge into... well, that's just disconcerting at a new level. I'm already convinced I have Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever, or Lyme disease: "They are responsible for carrying such diseases as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, babesiosis (Texas fever), ehrlichiosis, and tularemia (also transmitted via rabbits), as well as Colorado tick fever and Powassan (a form of encephalitis). In addition to disease transmission, ticks can also cause tick paralysis. This condition occurs when neurotoxins in the tick saliva make you ill; cause paralysis of the body; and in extreme cases, can stop you from breathing in extreme cases." Check it out... "Ticks are the leading carriers of diseases to humans in the United States, second only to mosquitoes worldwide."

Screw that noise! Road biking is where it's at... but which is worse, getting hit by a car, or bit by a tick? Okay, maybe ticks are not so bad.

TK said...

...and i thought i was afraid of ticks...

use deet. use it a LOT. rub it in. bathe in it. it may not stop them from getting on you, but it will stop them from digging in until you can get home and wash off.