Friday, June 01, 2007

wednesday night rodeo

not a rodeo, really. just some intervals with peanut. for whatever reason, wednesday's are the prescribed nights for pain, and i usually join him.

the drill was 3x20/40's, 3x30/30, 3x1 minute on/off, and 2 five minute intervals. we did this while i was riding home from work. that put peanut waaaaaay out, but hey, he's the one being trained by the pro's, right??

i had a few bright spots, but peanut was tearing up most of the intervals. that's why he had to pony up a tube and a CO2 when i flatted in the southern country of valley park. when done, we busted up through the apartments off of marshall road. a nice, hard way to end nice, hard intervals.

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