Sunday, June 24, 2007

race day in webster

it was another race day for the kids. the webster crit hosted another kids race this year, so we hauled the clan up to old orchard and suited them up to race. both of the kids are excited to do the races, but tyson is much more serious. he gets on his bike every day and jams up and down the hill in front of the house. hanna gets on, pedals furiously for a few strokes, and calls it a day.

well, tyson pretty much smoked the 6-7 year old race. it was about 80 yards or so, and he took off from the gun and won! hanna started well, and stopped pedaling about half-way. she coasted the rest of the way for forth. hmmm. she wasn't happy about it, she just said she was scared. i told her i know the feeling, i'm always scared when i race too. but i think she did get the idea that if she's going to do it again, she has to pedal and try her best. i felt so bad about it.

i came back later in the day to do the pro/1/2/3 race. yes, race fans, it was my debut race for 2007. i just got sick of riding and being in good shape with no purpose. i got a new trainer (actually, my first EVER trainer) and i'm very confident that he knows what i need. obviously, the plan is working pretty well because i had a darn good race. i finished with the main bunch in a pretty fast race. i was 10th wheel with 2 to go, but the kick up in speed on the last lap did me in. i'm not that far along yet for the road, but this bodes very well for my belated off-road season. yes, i'll be doing the off-road races, too. i'm a sucker, what can i say?


Daniel B. said...

Thanks for coming out to the races, TK. Good to see you out there... didn't seem like you were having much trouble at all.

Who the heck was the Credit Agricole/CSC maniac in the break with Huff??

TK said...

yeah, it was fun!

i have no idea. they were flyin!