Monday, June 04, 2007

we need a maid

mrs k has been a cleaning fool for the last week or two. it is amazing. our rats nest has never looked so good, except maybe before we moved in and it was brand new. she cleaned the bathrooms and the floors and the kids rooms and our room. everything. normally, i do a lot of laundry and dishes and trash and stuff, but she's been on that, too. yee haw, i say.

i did clean out the garage sunday, though. after my epic ride, i still had a little juice to go after the mouse that has been living in the garage. i saw the little pecker out there a couple of times, but when he starts making little condo's in the cycling shoes and stealing food from eli's stroller, IT'S ON! i cleaned the garage like it was going to be an operating room. the neighbors probably thought i was nuts, having all of the garages contents out in the driveway. i washed, scrubbed, and threw things away.

george the mouse has met his match....

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