Saturday, June 16, 2007

no riding

thursday and friday were just not good riding days. for me, i mean. i was tired, and the workload at work is tough, there's lots of things going on at home, all recipes for fatigue. so i did some housework at home thursday, and drove to and from work with mrs k. we talk a lot when we drive together, which is good because we don't get to talk much at work lately, except about work.

it's funny working with your spouse. at least for me. at least where we work. we actually do a lot of different things, at different ends of the store. sometimes, i don't see her for an hour or more, and we have helped completely different people. there is sort of a big split at ghisallo. the clothing side and the bike side. there are actually customers that come to our store that have no interest at all in bikes, just the cool clothes. i'm glad the task of helping those people falls to deanna, because she is really good at it and i'm....really good at other stuff. it was nice to see that mrs k is also good with families, and she has been selling kids bikes alot as a result.

i guess her selling stuff on "my" side of the store means that i need to be better at selling things on "her" side of the store.

just not sports bra's. please.

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