Thursday, June 07, 2007

homegrown single

the homegrown has been with me for 4 years. it's almost 8 years old, but i've had it half of it's life. it's been a street cruiser, a mountain bike, my only bike, my road bike, and it was nearly destroyed when it was involved in my great "accident" at the 'wood in a shorttrack race.

so it's only natural that it gets turned into a single speed, right? hold on there. i'm not going to grow a goatee, or start wearing baggy shorts, or start using words like "bro" or "NINER!" anytime soon. i just wanted a fun tool to work on legspeed and momentum. i find that i've grown way too dependent off-road on gears, and that i brake too much, and that i don't stand enough when climbing.

answer? an eno rear hub. a singlespeed crank. remove derailluers and shifters. install fork. quick and easy. don't laugh at my 80's barends. i love them. i just couldn't bring myself to use them on my normal off-road bike, but i won't take them off of this bike. i put 32/16 gearing on the homey, but that may change. we'll see. it may just get turned into a street bike again, but i have to give it a try.

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